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Moon Phases
How to Align with the Phases of The Moon
For thousands of years, humans have looked to the moon and its cycles for guidance. There are four main moon phases in every cycle and you can use these cycles to help guide you and use this understanding as a means to practice self-care.The beginnin...
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Art as Meditation and Therapy
How to improve meditation with Art
Ready to start incorporating art into your meditation practice? Intuitive art meditation is a powerful practice that can help you connect with your inner self and access your creativity. Here are some basic principles that can guide your practice:Cre...
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Choosing Oracle Cards.
What are Oracle cars anyway?Oracle cards are a popular tool for divination and self-discovery. These cards come in a variety of themes and designs, making it possible to find one that resonates with your personal interests and spirituality. In this p...
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Intuitive Art and Affirmations for Self-Care
Have you ever felt stuck in your creative process? Have you ever been unsure of what your next step should be in life? Do you find yourself searching for guidance or answers to life's questions? If so, you may be interested in exploring the worl...
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Watercolor Pallete
Why you should start an Art Journal
Keeping up with ways to be mindful are abundant out there. You can write, meditate, use affirmations, oracle or Tarot Cards, Paint, Draw or Sculpt. What if you could combine all of these into a beautiful meditative practice? Keeping an.Art Journal ca...
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The Noir Mystic
Welcome to The Noir Mystic, I am Althea and I will be your guide as we explore the intersection of creativity, self care, and mysticism through the lens of women's experiences. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space where women can tap...
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